Suri Agro takes out cold chain award

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Suri Agro takes out cold chain award

Leading Indian importer Suri Agro Fresh has been awarded the Perishable & Temperature Controlled Logistics Achievers award for best cold chain

Suri Agro takes out cold chain award

Sudhir Suri (left), joint managing director with Nitin Suri, chairman and CEO of Suri Agro Fresh 

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Suri Agro Fresh has received the 2017 ‘Perishable & Temperature Controlled Logistics Achievers – Best Cold Chain’ award at the Global Logistics Excellence Awards in Mumbai, India, on 18 April.

Judged by India’s leading CEOs and industry leaders, Indian importer Suri Agro was singled out for its signification contributions to India’s cold chain sector.

Suri Agro joint managing director Sudhir Suri said he was delighted to receive the award on behalf of the company.

“In the last five years we have put such a huge focus on improving the supply chain and this is an outstanding recognition of all of the hard work we have put into our business. We are so honoured to be at the forefront, leading our industry in logistics and supply chain,” Suri said.

Suri Agro is a supply chain partner for New Zealand-headquartered vertically integrated group Freshmax.

“Freshmax have worked closely with Suri Agro Fresh for many years,” said Tracey Burns, Freshmax New Zealand export division manager, in a company statement. “With New Zealand kiwifruit season upon us we see great opportunity to put this proven good practice into play again and further our New Zealand fresh fruit trade together.”

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