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IG International launches new apple offer

Fresh cut product with a twist hits retail shelves across Mumbai this month

IG International launches new apple offer

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They say seeing is believing, but a new fresh cut product from Indian importer-exporter IG International could debunk this theory. 

While the sliced offering takes the appearance of a conventional fresh cut apple, it carries the flavour of a different piece of fruit.

“You think you’re bighting into a slice of Granny Smith but what you’re tasting is a strawberry or a mango,” said IG International’s Ajit Sharma.

IG has trialed the novel offering, merchandised as IG Apple, at consumer level in Mumbai over June, with the aim of eventually developing wide scale domestic and export sales programmes.

Sold in a hand-sized, snap-lock bag, Sharma said the new product is an ideal snack for school children, with seven different flavours to be sold initially; one for every day of the week.

“There’s no added sugar, it’s as natural as it gets,” Sharma said. “Schools in India have banned junk food, so naturally this will appeal to mums looking to fill lunchboxes, but we also see potential for consumers in a hurry who want something that is ready to eat.”

The product has been developed in association with German-based fresh cut solutions specialist Food Freshly.

A full version of this article appears in the June edition of Asiafruit.

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