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Monday 4th March 2019, 13:30 Hong Kong

Thailand fears oversupply

Agricultural ministry hopes exporters will absorb higher volumes as forecasts show Thailand’s risk of fruit glut

Thailand fears oversupply

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In Thailand’s three largest fruit producing states, an output of 863,258 tonnes of durian, mangosteen, rambutan and longan are predicted to be produced this year.

Chanthaburi, Rayong  and Trat have recorded a 30 per cent increase in output for the four tropical fruit categories.

Agriculture officials are concerned by the numbers and are hoping to avoid a price slump in the four categories which the commerce ministry identified as posing the highest risk.

Bangkok Post reported Thailand’s international trade department is looking to hold talks with traders, exporters, store operators and Thailand Post on coping measures ahead of the predicted bumper crop.

The department hopes exporters, retailers and wholesalers can work hard to absorb some of the additional supply and will discuss strategies to ensure price stability in the meeting.

Last year, the country suffered a plummet in pineapple prices when high supplies forced prices down to just 2thb/kg (US$0.09) form 12thb/kg (US$0.38) the year prior. Many growers chose to give fruit away instead of letting it rot.

This year pineapple production is forecast to 2.2m tonnes, down by 95,000 tonnes in 2018 due to farmers switching crops.

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