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Nanoscience extends shelf-life

Indian researchers have announced two new shelf-life extending products, created using nanoscience, will soon hit the market

Nanoscience extends shelf-life

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Two nano formulations developed by the Nano Centre of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) to help extend shelf-life are ready to be commercialised, according to local news sources.

KS Subramanian, director of research at TNAU, told The Hindi Business Line ‘Fruity Fresh’ and ‘Nano Sticker and Nano Pellets’ were designed to keep fruit and vegetables fresh and protect them against post-harvest diseases.

“Nanoscience is no rocket science. Started with zero funding in 2009, the (nanoscience) centre has in the last ten years grown in leaps and bounds,” Subramanian said.

“Thanks to the Canadian government for their long-term support and now the centre is ready to commercialise Fruity Fresh.”

According to a Krishi Jagran report, ‘Fruity Fresh’ is a spray that can help growers retain produce for six to 12 days longer when used pre-harvest. When used post-harvest on mangoes, it extends the shelf-life for six to 12 days under ambient temperature and for 10 to 15 days in coldstorage.

‘Nano Sticker and Nano Pellets’ has a similar function but can be added to boxes of produce set to be shipped.

“Pre-harvest spray of the formulation, two to four weeks prior to harvest, will help retain fruits in trees for an additional week to 10 days,” Subramanian told The Hindi Business Line.

In addition to these two formulations, TNAU has five other nanotechnology products in different stages of testing.



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