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Liam O’Callaghan


Thursday 16th January 2020, 09:06 Hong Kong

Taiwan enhances import inspection

A range of fresh produce items different markets will undergo a more rigorous inspection from Taiwanese customs

Taiwan enhances import inspection

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The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has updated the list of food imports that will be subject to enhanced inspection in 2020.

The designated products are required to undergo a 50 per cent inspection rate before quarantine clearance rather than 20 per cent.

A number of imports from other Asian countries were added, Japan had the most additions with strawberries, grapes, citrus and melons among the imports included.

Chinese cabbage from Korea, green asparagus from Thailand and cauliflower and broccoli from Vietnam were some of the other Asian imports added.

When it comes to the US, blueberries and onions will now be subject to enhance inspection while lettuce has been removed from the list.

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