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Liam O’Callaghan


Wednesday 7th April 2021, 16:01 Hong Kong

E-commerce grows in Taiwan

Groceries including fresh produce are helping to drive retail growth in Taiwan

E-commerce grows in Taiwan

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Even with its successful response to Covid-19, the pandemic has fuelled the growth of e-commerce in Taiwan just as it has around the world, and fresh produce has played a part in the trend.

According to a report from the USDA, Taiwan’s e-retail market size has grown from US$6.9bn in 2019 to US$8.3bn in 2020 as consumers have preferred ‘no-contact” shopping options to prevent the spread of Covid-19 despite Taiwan essentially being Covid-free.

This trend has been particularly important for the growth of online grocery orders with Euromonitor reporting a 10 per cent growth in food and beverage e-retail in 2020 with sales reaching US$806m.

“With improvements in supply chain systems and a change in consumers’ preference, shoppers are gaining more confidence in purchasing food and beverage products online, though challenges persist for perishable products,” the report said.

“E-retail in the food and beverage sector offers business potential and a growing number of store operators and e-commerce platforms are capitalising this newly developed consumer behaviours, especially in the fresh product category.”

Businesses across the sector have moved to keep up and brick-and-mortar retailers joining e-retailers in rush to meet the demand for fresh produce delivery.

“More brick-and-mortar retail players are investing heavily to integrate their online and offline resources to provide consumers with a more user-friendly shopping environment,” the report said.

“PX Mart, 7- Eleven, Families, Simple Mart, RT Mart, Ai Mai, Costco, Carrefour, and Taiwan Fresh Supermarkets, have all rapidly expanded their e-retail platforms to serve their clients both offline and online.

“In addition, Momo Shop and PChome Online Inc, both companies have implemented logistics to provide fresh food delivery.”


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