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Liam O'Callaghan


Friday 9th July 2021, 15:01 Hong Kong

New fruit promotion for Sendo

New campaign to boost the sale of agricultural products launched by e-commerce platform

New fruit promotion for Sendo

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Vietnamese e-commerce platform has launched a new, regular promotion to highlight Vietnamese agricultural products including fruit.

According to a report from VNS, starting from July Sendo will dedicate three to four days a week to the promotions.

In the first week of the promotion has introduced specialty fruit from regions across Vietnam, including Trà Vinh R16 durian, Phan Rang green grapes, Tài Nung pear and Sơn La long mango.

The goal of the programme is to increase consumer confidence in buying agricultural products from online Vietnamese farming markets and other e-commerce platforms.

The E-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency (IDEA) of Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade is also working with Sendo and other major e-commerce platforms to deploy these kinds of promotions with the aim of increasing consumption of local, agricultural products. 

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