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Tuesday 15th July 2008, 07:00 Hong Kong

China guards Olympic vegetables

Chinese Olympic officials eager to assuage food safety fears have place vegetables intended for athlete consumption under guard

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Chinese officials are keeping carrots, peppers and tomatoes to be fed to Olympic athletes under guard in bid to assuage fears about food safety, New York’s The Sun has reported.

Chinese Olympic officials reacted angrily to announcements from several Olympic teams (including the US and Australia) that they planned to bring food supplies to Beijing because of concerns about hormones and drugs in Chinese-grown food, the paper said.

American officials allegedly claimed that some food samples taken in China contained so many steroids that athletes would fail drug tests.

Olympic organisers in China played down the reports, The Sun said, but states that last month a Chinese swimmer banned for life for failing a drug test blamed impure meat he consumed at a barbecue.

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