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Korean growers replace sunlight with LED

Producers in South Korea are reportedly using LED lights to grow peppers as climate change limits sunlight

Korean growers replace sunlight with LED

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Growers in South Korea are substituting sunlight for LED lights to produce bell peppers – with astonishing results, according to Korean TV website Arirang.

Bell pepper producer Lee Sang-hyun told Arirang that his LED crop was 44 per cent larger than an average conventionally-grown crop, and stems were 23 per cent shorter than average.

Mr Lee said his farm began experimenting with LED lights eight months ago because climate change was reducing sunlight levels.

"I think it is crucial to have this kind of LED technology in order to ensure a good harvest without the influence of sunlight and climate changes," he told Arirang. 

However, high start-up costs still remain a major obstacle to rolling out LED-light farming across the country, he added.


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