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Pakistan looks to Iran for tomatoes

Despite questions over quality, Pakistani traders have stopped importing Indian tomatoes

Pakistan looks to Iran for tomatoes

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Pakistan has stopped importing tomatoes from India and increased imports of the fruit from Iran.

Accortdiong to local media outlet The News International, traders have cited the price of Iranian tomatoes being lower than the ones from India as initiating the transition.

One estimate suggests that the price of Iranian tomatoes is 30 rupees per kilogram lower in the wholesale market than tomatoes being imported from India.

Nevertheless, how long this move will be feasible for in the long-term remains to be seen, as Iranian tomatoes take four to five days to reach Karachi, diminishing their quality, while Indian tomatoes can reach Pakistani markets in two to three days.

One trader also told The News International that the price of tomatoes will go down further in the coming days, as the supply of locally-grown tomatoes is set to surge.

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