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RSA citrus growers call for independent panel

South African citrus growers have requested an independent panel to resolve dispute with European Union over citrus black spot fears

RSA citrus growers call for independent panel

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South African Citrus Growers has requested an independent panel to review the European Union’s entry requirements for South African citrus exports, according to Bloomberg.

The request follows the release of a report that found the fungal disease citrus black spot (CBS) does not pose a threat to EU fruits.

“We are asking for an export panel to be formed, an independent panel that will consider the merits of the group that has sent the latest paper and report,” Justin Chadwick, chief executive of the South African Citrus Growers Association told Bloomberg.

“The regulations that Europe has in place to restrict the imports of citrus are unnecessary and are without technical justification,” Vaughan Hattingh, chief executive of Citrus Research International told Bloomberg. “If the government as an exporting country wishes to challenge the import regulations that Europe has in place they can use this document as supporting evidence for their argument.”

European authorities intercepted shipments of CBS-infected citrus from South Africa in July, the same month the EU announced new regulations and additional phytosanitary certificate requirements for shipments of South African citrus.



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