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Carl Collen


Thursday 29th August 2019, 11:21 London

Optimising the Asian melon market

Rijk Zwaan and Levarht will use Asia Fruit Logistica to present their Asian Jewels melon range

Optimising the Asian melon market

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Dutch groups Rijk Zwan and Levarht have revealed that they will present Asian Jewels at this year's Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong, a range of melon varieties specifically developed for the Asian market.

According to the groups, the product presentation is the latest step in the ongoing close collaboration between Levarht and Rijk Zwaan, as they aim to achieve a joint ambition of creating "perfect chain collaboration".

The Asian Jewels concept consists of three types of melons which are said to have the right appearance and optimum sweetness for the Asian market.

The first is Golden Emerald, a gold-coloured melon with green or orange flesh. "Its netting is subtle yet dense and it is very sweet (brix value between 12 and 15). The melons have a very good shelf life," the groups said.

The second is Silky Pearl, described as a silky smooth, white-skinned variety. "The melons are available with either green or orange flesh. They have a firm bite and are extremely sweet (brix range 13-16)."

Finally, Silver Coral melons are said to be easy to recognise due to their thick and dense netting. "The green-flesh and orange-flesh melons have a firm skin, but the flesh is juicy and melts in the mouth."

Pepijn de Jong from Levarht and Jan Doldersum from Rijk Zwaan have worked closely together on the project.

“Rijk Zwaan is very knowledgeable about production methods and the right varieties for the Asian market,” de Jong noted.

“Levarht knows how to bring these melons to the market through their vast network and they know all about logistics and marketing," Doldersum added. "We would like to set up a chain for high quality melons, locally grown for the Asian market. We are therefore jointly looking for growers and retailers as partners to create a market for these Asian Jewels.”

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