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Friday 15th November 2013, 10:57 London

'Incompetent' gangmaster loses licence

West Midlands-based Shorish Hamza flouts Working Time Regulations for workers on a mushroom farm

'Incompetent' gangmaster loses licence
The worker abuses took place on a mushroom farm

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A gangmaster that sent six agricultural workers to a mushroom farm for 20 consecutive days has had his licence revoked.

Shenky Ltd, of Dudley Road in Wolverhampton, flouted Working Time Regulations which state that workers must be given at least one day off every seven.

Records showed that six employees who had worked for 20 days straight only had one day off before returning to work for four days, after which they had another day off and returned to work for another seven days.

Inspectors from the Gangmasters Licensing Authority labelled Shorish Hamza “incompetent and incapable” of running a compliant recruitment business.

A string of other abuses included failing to arrange for first aid and welfare facilities for workers in the fields, as well as incomplete, inaccurate or missing contract information.

Shenky failed a further critical test having accrued a tax debt of more than £230,000, and was unable to prove its workers had been paid the National Minimum Wage as salaries were paid in cash and the company did not provide pay slips.

A single critical breach, which is worth 30 points on the GLA scale, is enough to lose a licence. Shenky racked up a total of 154 points. 

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