Red Tractor could be Brexit ‘selling point’

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Red Tractor could be Brexit ‘selling point’

British provenance and quality mark could be used as a unique selling point for UK products in post-Brexit trade deals

Red Tractor could be Brexit ‘selling point’

Red Tractor is a widespread quality logo on British produce 

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The Red Tractor assurance standard could be used as a unique selling point for British food in post-Brexit negotiations, according to the scheme's chairman.

British food can “hang its hat” on the reputation and quality credentials of the Red Tractor mark, chairman of Red Tractor coordinator Assured Food Standards, Jim Moseley.

Speaking at the NFU Conference this week, Moseley said there is significant potential to use an established assurance scheme as a unique selling point for British food and drink.

“I believe that we now have the opportunity to behave more like a brand and something that we can really shout about both at home and abroad,” he said.

“Markets are opening up and we should take advantage of that. Take the Asia-Pacific region as an example; they love the quality, safety and traceability that British assured products deliver.

“The standards that Red Tractor food is produced to run right the way through the supply chain and are comprehensive. It’s something that British food can hang its hat on and use as a selling point. But we need to harness the continued support of the whole industry, including the NFU, AHDB and the primary food chain."

In the UK, two-thirds of consumers recognise the logo, while half say it positively affects their shopping decisions, Red Tractor said.

The logo appears on more than £14 billion of food and drink and there are more than 60,000 assured farm businesses in the UK.

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