Dragon fruit mega-farm to open in Australia

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Dragon fruit mega-farm to open in Australia

Vietnam’s CT Group sets its sights on large-scale dragon fruit plantation in Australia’s Northern Territory

Dragon fruit mega-farm to open in Australia

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The Northern Territory government signed a Project Facilitation Agreement (PFA) with CT Group Vietnam on Friday, paving the way for a dragon fruit mega-farm near Darwin.

Hoping to plant its first crops in the Top End this year, CT Group plans to develop a 10,000ha farm over ten years, investing $100m in the project.

NT’s Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries, Willem Westra van Holte, released a statement saying the developments could potentially strengthen NT’s economy, creating jobs and growth through the export market.

“One of the features that makes the Northern Territory so attractive is our availability of land – this is an important factor if [CT Group’s] Vietnamese producers wish to expand the initial operation at a later date,” said Westra van Holte.

“A dedicated facility is also proposed for the packaging of fruit, propagation and administration on this property.”

Westra van Holte told ABC Rural in March the CT Group had plans to become one of the largest exporters of dragon fruit, expanding from small farms in Vietnam to large-scale farming in Australia.

NT’s sunny climate offers appealing aspects for the production of dragon fruit compared to Vietnam, where artificial light is used to accelerate the fruit’s production.

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