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Australia faces avocado price hike

Shorter production volumes and rising demand sees prices approach the A$4 mark

Australia faces avocado price hike

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Australian avocado suppliers are pointing to production lulls for a sharp increase in domestic prices.

The country’s summer avocado supply predominantly comes from Western Australia and New Zealand, however the impacts of biennial crop bearing and weather events have seen production fall by 30 per cent in both regions, according to grower-owned marketer The Avolution.

“We are expecting production to ramp up in time for March which will stabilise retail prices across the country,” said Antony Allen, chief executive of The Avolution. “Until then, consumers can expect prices to continue to rise as the industry tries to meet exceptional demand with less fruit.”

Consumers are paying up to A$4 for an avocado in some supermarkets, with the average price hitting A$3.90 this week, according to ABC Rural.

The industry appears to be a victim of its own success, with production and consumer awareness ramping-up significantly over the last two decades.

“In the past 20 years, Australia's avocado production has increased from 18,000 tonnes a year to nearly 68,500 tonnes in 2015,” Allen said. “With more Australian’s than ever adding avocados to their shopping baskets, the current lull in supply has led to a higher wholesale price.”

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