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Perfection Fresh in Aussie first

The group is set to supply the Australian market with its first batch of Royal Pom pomegranates

Perfection Fresh in Aussie first

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Australian fresh produce marketing company Perfection Fresh has revealed that it is set to send its first crop of Royal Pom pomegranates to the domestic market to compliment the group's annual offering of California POM Wonderful pomegranates.

Perfection Fresh marketing manager Lee Carnemolla has reported that Royal Pom fruit will be in store from April to June, while Perfection Fresh occupies the shelves between October and March.

"Australian consumers have become increasingly familiar with the wonderful variety due to our successful import programme of the last five years," she said. "We can now offer consumers this superior-eating pomegranate – grown both locally and overseas – and expect to substantially increase consumer interest and sales in this category."

Pomegranates will be available in Woolworths stores across the country, she added, selling loose at around A$2.50-A$3 each, with multimedia marketing strategies in place to promote the fruit.

"We have been developing the market in Australia for the past five years, now we are realising the potential to supply pomegranates all year," Ms Carnemolla said.

Paul McLaughlin, of exclusive producer PGM Agriculture, hailed the taste and health qualities of the fruit.

"Australians are becoming more and more aware of pomegranates which are a fascinating, beautiful and delicious fruit and also give you a sense of wellbeing when you eat them," he said. "Once opened, Royal Pom pomegranates look like a blossoming flower filled with juicy, sweet edible little arils. They are a good, average sized fruit with a reasonably soft, appealing seed and the perfect balance of sweet and tart."

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