Taiwan's apple market is coming under pressure as an influx of fruit pours in from New Zealand (NZ), adding to existing inventories of Washington Fuji, according to local importers.

'More than 550 containers of New Zealand Fuji, Queen and Rose apples have been loaded for Taiwan in the last four weeks, and shipments began to arrive last week, putting pressure on the market,' said one trader. 'Chilean Fuj will also start to arrive this weekend. Volumes will be small for the first two weeks, but the loading volume will really take off this week.'

Current wholesale prices of NZ Fuji range from T$1,050 per (20kg) carton for count 125 to T$1,500 per carton for count 70, which are around CNF cost level, but traders said prices could drop by T$100 per carton each week in the next three to four weeks.