Citrus edition previews upcoming Southern Hemisphere season, including spotlight on LemonGold, and features annual USA Special

The May 2022 edition of Asiafruit Magazine is now available on the Asiafruit app – on Apple and Android – bringing you the latest news and views from across Asia’s fast-moving fresh produce markets.

The citrus edition previews the upcoming Southern Hemisphere season as exporters continue to search for opportunities in Asia.

New seedless lemon brand LemonGold is leading the charge for South African exports to Asia. Fruitalyst explains how it plans to repeat the success of ClemenGold mandarin and expand lemon consumption in Asia.

The outlook for the rest of the South African citrus industry is also detailed, while leading Australian growers and exporters also discuss the prospects for their 2022 campaign.

Asiafruit’s annual USA Special provides a panorama of the nation’s export categories. The US fruit and nut industries have felt the effects of the Covid-19 and drought, challenges that are set to shape the landscape moving forward.

Market spotlights on China and Korea detail some of the latest consumer trends amid the ongoing pandemic. Plus we interview Xia Guohai, chairman and general manager of Shanghai Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Market Management, about why the leading fruit import market is fast-tracking the development of its domestic fruit trade.