Australian Fresh Produce Alliance set to lead Vietnam market visit to celebrate growing horticultural trade

Australian Cherries in Vietnam

Australian Cherries in Vietnam

Image: Hort Innovation

A delegation of leading Australian fruit and vegetable producers is traveling to Vietnam to celebrate the thriving two-way trading relationship between Australia and Vietnam with local industry.

In 2022, the value of Australian horticulture exports to Vietnam surged to A$137m. This substantial increase moved Vietnam up to Australia’s second largest export market for fresh produce by value. Australian Fresh Produce Alliance (AFPA) chief executive Claire McClelland said this growth was a result of a sustained effort by both country’s governments to deliver new and improved market access for fresh produce, and more broadly grow two-way trade.

“The rapid growth in trade to Vietnam has been bolstered by recent new market access for Australian peaches and nectarines, with summerfruit exports now a A$1.1m market in only a few years. This builds on the success of the table grape and citrus industries, with exports to Vietnam valued at more than A$83m and A$37m respectively,” said McClelland.

To celebrate the growing trade between Australia and Vietnam, the AFPA will host the Vietnam-Australia Fresh Produce Networking Event in Hanoi. The event will bring together local Vietnamese industry representatives and stakeholders with their Australian counterparts to celebrate the existing trade and discuss new opportunities and areas for cooperation.

“Growing fresh produce trade is how we will continue to grow our industry, support job creation, promote regional development and innovation and add more resilience to our local production. Vietnam is a dynamic market with immense potential for Australian fresh produce” said McClelland.

The AFPA delegation represents a cross-section of Australia’s fresh produce industry, including representatives from Australia’s apple and pear, berries, summerfruit and table grape peak industry bodies.

While in Vietnam, the delegation will immerse themselves in the local market by visiting Vietnamese wholesale markets, retail stores, and engaging with local industry representatives. This hands-on approach will provide valuable insights into Vietnam’s unique market and consumer preferences.

“The wide range of industry travelling to Vietnam demonstrates to real potential to grow fresh produce trade from Australia. We are optimistic about new market access for Australian produce into Vietnam, and the opportunities that this would create for Australian growers” said McClelland.

The delegation has been supported by Austrade and the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, demonstrating the importance of a whole of government approach, and engagement with industry in supporting improved trade outcomes.

“We have been grateful for the government’s assistance across both Austrade and the Department of Agriculture in arranging parts of this mission. We look forward to continuing to work closely with government and relevant ministers to improve fresh produce trade from Australia to Vietnam, and a range of other key export markets,” said McClelland.