Chilean cherries

Chile is anticipating a 16.7 per cent increase in cherry exports this season according to the latest forecast from the Chilean Cherry Committee.

During this season, Chile hopes to break its historical level with the export of 210,000 tonnes of cherries to the world, surpassing the 180,000 tonnes sent in the previous season.This is a slight increase on the preliminary forecast of 209,000 tonnes this season, equivalent to 41.8 (5kg) cartons.

The committee, made its second estimate with a slight upward adjustment to the exported aggregate volume, which is equivalent to 42,042,798 (5kg) cartons or 210,214 tonnes.

The season started later than previously estimated, but it currently developing within normal parameters the committee said.

During the past season, 88 per cent of Chilean cherries were exported to China and once again this season growers and exporters of the committee, with the support of the Chilean government, will be proactively investing in an important US$5m promotional campaign across China.