TOMRA 5S Advanced-05

Compac has launched what it calls the most advanced sorting platform in the industry: the Tomra 5S Advanced.

Part of the Tomra Group, Compac said the new technology builds on the class-leading performance of the Compac Multi Lane Sorter.

According a company release, the Tomra 5S Advanced is the only platform designed for hygienic operation with toolless cleaning and sanitisation. It adopts the latest principles in hygienic equipment design.

The new platform is designed to meet and exceed the industry’s evolving requirements driven by a tightening of food safety legislation and ever-increasing grading complexity.

“The result is a professional and precision engineered product that for the first time is being released under the Tomra 5 Series brand, signifying the quality engineering from Tomra and Compac that has gone into the product,” the release stated.

Sebastian Stoof, vice president and head of product at Compac, said the product innovates in the areas that address current and future modern packing requirements.

“It facilitates stricter cleaning and sanitisation to meet stringent food safety legislation. It delivers consistent reliability throughout longer packing seasons. It helps pack houses with traceability through information sharing within the business and across the supply chain,” said Stoof.

“It also ensures our customers will always have access to ongoing developments and innovations. The design, which reflects the premium food safety and hygiene characteristics of the sorter also gives our customers brand value they can leverage when approaching growers and retailers. It is a cost-effective investment all round,” he added.

Compac chief executive, Ken Moynihan, said customer support is in the company’s DNA.

“The TOMRA 5S Advanced is true to this heritage; it has been designed to be an advanced sorting platform that grows with our customer’s business,” noted Moynihan.

“We gave our engineers the challenge to deliver a step-change in food hygiene and increased efficiency, while improving further on our already excellent food handling and value-for-money proposition.

“The Tomra 5S Advanced strikes the perfect balance to sort a wide variety of fruit types with exceptional accuracy and industry leading performance. It achieves this whilst improving gentle handling, introducing hygienic design principles and maintaining excellent value,” he added.

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