Taiwan Guava US Daikin

The first-ever shipment of Taiwanese guava sent to the US was delivered in January with the help of controlled atmosphere (CA) technology from Daikin Reefer.

In October 2019 a new trade agreement gave Taiwan the ability to export guava to the US making it the first Asian country and only the second in the world, behind Mexico, to gain access.

Exporter, Top Quality Produce, used Daikin Active CA to comply with the demanding cold treatment quarantine process and to maintain optimal transport conditions.

In the case of Taiwanese guava, US rules specify that the core of the fruit must be kept below 1°C for 17 consecutive days.

The container load of guava was shipped from Tainan in southern Taiwan January via the Port of Kaohsiung and arrived at the Port of Los Angeles on 14 January. After clearing inspection, the entire shipment sold in a single day.

Mark Wu, president of Top Quality Produce, hoped this shipment would help pave the way for more opportunities for Taiwanese fruits.

“To ship guava using Daikin Active CA from Taiwan to the US is an exciting project and we are very proud to be at the forefront of this important trade development that allows more overseas consumers to enjoy the flavour of famous Taiwanese tropical fruits,” Wu said.

Ah Huat Goh, general manager, global marketing and service, reefer department of Daikin Reefer, said the shipment was groundbreaking on a number of fronts.

“We are delighted that Daikin Active CA and refrigeration container technology was selected for this historic shipment, ensuring that the top-quality reputation of Taiwanese guava was maintained while meeting all the required safety controls,” Goh said

“To our knowledge this is the first use of CA container technology combined with cold treatment in the international transport of guava,” added Goh.

“We look forward to supporting the growth of this exciting new export trade for Taiwan.”