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Del Monte Fresh Produce North America has announced it will be moving two of its reefer energy efficientreefer container vessels to the West Coast.

Del Monte Harvester and Del Monte Valiant – which were launched in July 2020 along with four additional energy efficient reefer container vessels – will be the two vessels relocated to the western side of North America.

Each vessel has a full cargo capacity of 1,276 TEU with 634 plugs for forty-foot high cube reefer containers and given the perishable nature of fresh fruits and vegetables, the air-cooled containers will maintain the cargo at specified temperatures, traveling in reefer mode with multiple temperature variants from -25C to 40C.

Helmuth Lutty, senior vice president of shipping operations of Fresh Del Monte Produce, said the change should allow Del Monte Fresh Produce to have full control over its fleet and will assist with speeding up shipping times.

“We are excited about the move of these two vessels to the west coast,” said Lutty.

“Providing customers with high quality products in in a timely manner is a top priority of ours and we are proud to be able to do it in a way that helps meet our sustainability goals as a company.”