DiMuto in WA

Western Australian spaghetti squash grower, Morning Glory Farms, has teamed up with tech-based trade solutions platform, DiMuto, in a move that will digitalise its squash and help it conduct marketing campaigns.

DiMuto’s Sales and Marketing Retention and Awareness Tool (SMART) Marketing solution enables small and medium produce growers and suppliers to conduct marketing campaigns.

Consumers can scan the DiMuto QR codes tagged to individual food products, which allows them to see the origin of their product, obtain information about the farm and growing practices, as well as learn new recipes and participate in competitions.

Consumers are also encouraged to leave feedback on their produce, giving brand owners important information about the quality of the product and the consumer experience.

Bevan Eatts, owner of Morning Glory Farms, said it was difficult as a grower to reach out to consumers directly.

“With DiMuto’s marketing solution, we are now able to let people know where and how their squash is grown, as well as getting feedback from them – a platform that truly closes the loop from farm to fork,” said Eatts.

The partnership is a key step in DiMuto’s expansion into the Australian market and the strengthening of its trade network.

Chairman and founder of DiMuto, Gary Loh, said the company was honoured to be working with Morning Glory Farms to help it communicate its story to consumers.

“One of the common problems that growers have is that they’re unable to engage end consumers directly, and DiMuto’s QR Marketing solution aims to change that,” said Loh.

“At the same time, consumers are able to know the origins of their food and the story of the farmers.”

Morning Glory Farms’ squash is currently sold at major local retailers in Western Australia, including Coles and IGA.

Under the partnership, DiMuto will be helping Morning Glory Farms grow their international presence in the Southeast Asia region, targeting Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand as key export markets.