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  • European Severe Weather Database Northern Italy July 2023

    Italian growers face up to fire and ice

    Severe hailstorms and extreme heat leave parts of Italy’s fruit and vegetable production base battered and bruised

  • Tesco fruit and veg

    Tesco: “Our suppliers want certainty”

    Tesco’s Dominic Morrey stressed the importance of long-term certainty for producers at a Lords horticulture inquiry, naming fair pricing and a workable seasonal workers scheme as priorities

  • Enza Zaden new organic seeds facility 2023

    Enza Zaden kicks off Vitalis facility project

    Dutch vegetable seed specialist begins construction of production location for Vitalis organic vegetable seeds

  • Green avocados Spain farmers market Adobe

    Spain spends more on imports

    Value of fresh fruit and vegetables imported in the first four months of the year soars by 25 per cent

  • Aliya Hajee wants to see government support for Ugandan Hass growers

    Uganda's avocado ambitions

    Fred Searle travels to the East African nation as it begins to export Hass for the very first time. The aim: to establish the country as a trusted supplier and help lift small-scale farmers out of poverty

  • Hoogstraten links shoppers to growers through on-pack QR codes

    Belgium’s UK export mission

    Rather than prompting Belgium to focus its efforts on other markets, Brexit has seen the country actively target export growth in Britain. Fred Searle crosses the Channel to find out how and why

  • TropiWorld dragonfruit

    TropiWorld gets growing in exotics

    Exotics specialist TropiWorld is increasingly expanding into production, as it sees demand blossom for exotic roots, vegetables and fruits

  • GB Picadeli salad launch UK September 2022

    Consumers ‘in the dark’ about food’s enviromental impact

    Hi-tech salad bar specialist Picadeli rolls out new carbon labelling system after report finds shoppers have no way of knowing whether their eating habits are good for the planet

  • GB Sainsbury salad veg shortage

    Mind the gaps: will the UK get caught short again?

    UK retail buyers are renowned for staying cool as a cucumber to guarantee supply. But in the past few weeks, the reliability of their sourcing programmes has been called into question