Leading berry grower extends production base by 6ha, boosting year-round supply programme

CA Ever Tru Farms strawberries

Canada’s Ever Tru Farms, a vertically integrated supplier of premium strawberries, is launching phase two of its expansion.

The move will extend the company’s Ontario farm by 15 acres (6ha), bringing the total production area to 40 acres (16ha).

Planting will begin in early August, with harvest coming near the end of September.

“Ever Tru Farms has been looking forward to the farm’s expansion since inception,” said Paul Mastronardi, director of sales for Ever Tru Farms. “We have seen positive feedback from customers and consumers and are excited to grow the farm to meet that demand.”

Ever Tru berries are grown year-round with supplemental lighting to achieve consistent production.

“Partnering with local Canadian retailers and US retail partners receiving our berries within 24 hours ensures that consumers can rely on our premium berries year-round,” says Mastronardi.

“Consumers won’t have to sacrifice quality or taste due to the consistent supply Ever Tru Farms provides. Indoor growing allows us to be unaffected by harsh natural elements and weather conditions that impact traditional outdoor farms.”