JP banana and strawberries in japan

Japan’s fruit consumption has dipped to a low during the first two months of 2017.

Average household consumption fell to an average of 5.57kg in January – the second lowest recorded for that month, while hitting its lowest for February at 5.63kg, according to data released by Japan's Ministry of Finance.

Expenditure on fresh fruit increased in the first two months of 2017, with the average expenditure per household hitting its second highest in both January and February. The purchasing price of fruit remained high as well, reaching its second highest for January at ¥456/kg, and its highest for February at ¥482/kg.

Grapes and kiwifruit saw a jump in consumption, with average household expenditure and consumption reaching the highest for January and February. Japanese households spend an average of ¥21 on 0.03kg of grapes in January, at a purchasing price of ¥786/kg.

Expenditure on and consumption of kiwifruit continued to grow, reaching its highest recorded in January. Japanese households spent ¥79 on kiwifruit, consuming an average of 102g, at a purchasing price of ¥778/kg – the second highest recorded for that month.

Citrus consumption and expenditure continued on its downward trend, with consumption of oranges and grapefruit falling to some of the lowest recorded during January and February.