generic pineapple

Gopeng’s 404ha pineapple development has progressed past its latest milestone with the opening of a new packhouse.

According to a report from the Malay Mail, the Malaysian company has already planted 101ha of the MD2 variety of pineapple after starting in 2019 and it expects to complete the RM12m (US$2.9m) project in 2021.

As part of the project, Gopeng has built the Gopine pineapple processing and collection centre, which was opened on 8 October. At the opening ceremony Datuk Mohd Salleh Hashim, chairman and chief executiveof Gopeng, said great progress had already been made.

“To date, Gopeng has successfully carried out innovations in terms of planting agronomy where a standard operating procedure for commercially planted MD2 pineapple plantations has been developed,” Mohd Salleh said.

Mohd Salleh said Gopeng had also developed several programmes to support further MD2 pineapple plantations, particularly for low-income farmers.

As part of these programmes Gopeng has invested in joint ventures, provided seeds, agricultural inputs and has monitored the success of participants.

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