Generic yellow mangoes

The sweet mangoes of Philippine island province, Guimaras, will be exported to Russia for the first time in May, following the finalisation of details for an export plan, reported Manila Bulletin.

Philippine exporters already familiar with the protocols to Russia will work with growers on the island province of Guimaras to begin trading.

In late April, agriculture secretary Emmanuel Piñol said the shipment schedule for two tonnes of mangoes per week was being planned.

Piñol said Php1m (US$19,200) had been contributed to kickstart the project by the Philippine agriculture department. He also noted the huge demand for mangoes worldwide.

The funding is handled by Guimaras Mango Growers and Producers Development Cooperative, which will ensure growers are directly paid for their supply.

Growers have voiced confidence in their ability to provide the needed volumes year-round.

“We have an inventory until June and we can cope. The two tons per week is only eight metric tons per month,” said provincial agriculturalist, Ronie Morante.

Last year Guimaras produced 11,500 tonnes of mangoes, and are projecting more than 12,000 this year due to favourable growing conditions.

Culture and tourism website Phil Life noted that Guimaras is the heart of Philippine mango production, and the island’s mangoes have been served to British royals and US government officials.