Joint venture aims to develop kiwifruit category in India with new varieties

Leading Indian fresh produce company IG International has entered a joint venture with Italian-based RK Growers.

Known as Fruit Genetics India, the joint venture will oversee the production of “superior fruit varieties” in India, with a particular focus on kiwifruit. 

“The objective to join forces is to become the world’s leading fruit genetics firm on multiple cultivars, firstly kiwifruit, grapes, apples, and many others,” according to an joint release from the two companies.

“The inked alliance will assist in carving India’s place on the world map as a hub for best-of-breed kiwifruits. The partnership also has a blueprint for expansion in the production side of the cultivars.”

The partnership was signed at Fruit Logistica in Berlin earlier this month.

Commenting on the deal, Tarun Arora, director of finance and operations at IG International, highlighted RK Growers’ strong track record of developing and delivering varieties that meet consumers’ changing demands.

“RK Growers has been in the fresh produce industry for more than four decades; experience that cannot be purchased,” said Arora. “Their best-of-breed fruits are enjoyed all over the world.

“With this alliance, we at IG International want to get the Indian customer the freshest, pulpiest, and top-quality kiwifruit. 

“Fruit Genetics India envisions being the stewards of fruit genetic science and breeding for kiwis, apples, and grapes in the world. Our partnership will also propel India to become one of the prime exporters of first-grade kiwis in the world.”

Paolo Carissimo, president of RK Growers, said the joint venture would accelerate the development of the kiwifruit category in India.

“Indian customers adore fruits, and they are an essential part of their daily diet,” Carissimo said. “Kiwis are particularly popular. However, they are seen as a foreign fruit in the Indian subcontinent, albeit enjoyed a lot for their ambrosial taste. 

“That all changes with Fruit Genetics India. Kiwis are primed to become Indian natives with our association. 

“Due to their unrivalled quality and commitment towards customer satisfaction, IG International has made a name in India and overseas, and we’re thrilled to join hands with them. It is time for India to get its own Kiwi connection.” 

IG-RK Growers JV

IG-RK Growers JV

(l-r) Tarun Arora, Paolo Carissimo and Sanjay Arora