IG International We Care campaign

Leading Indian fruit business IG International has launched a new campaign in a bid to help the country’s citizens survive the Covid outbreak currently sweeping the nation.

In a statement, the company said: “As we watch our brothers and sisters lose their lives to this deadly disease, we feel almost powerless but not let down. One thing matters now, doing our own bit to heal our country, India.

“The government warns that failing to help the vulnerable can place millions at risk of starvation and in worst cases death. We are called to fully commit to supporting campaigns that will bring an end to the rising number of deaths.”

Some 254,000 Indian people are estimated to have died from contracting Covid-19, with over 23m confirmed cases reported.

“Protecting the lives of the underprivileged, kids, women and girls has always been an important priority at IG International. This is especially true looking at the present Covid-19 health emergency,” the company announced.

By launching its #wecare campaign, IG hopes to fight Covid-19 by promoting helpful information and encouraging individuals to come to the aid of the vulnerable.

“Through this campaign we can protect people who are not able to protect themselves. This is an important move towards solidarity for humanity. This is the moment when we rise up and come together for those who are in desperate need,” the statement read.

IG has begun reaching out to places where people cannot easily access good food, soap and clean water. It is prioritising people who rely on humanitarian assistance and donations.

To kickstart the #wecare campaign officially, the senior management and employees at IG international came together to provide tools, food, water and clothing to kids, underprivileged people, people in Covid care, frontline officers and charitable organisations.

IG is calling on greater support from the fresh produce community around the world in India’s time of need.