Joy Wing Mau invites specialists to educate farmers in poorer areas

Leading Chinese fruit company Joy Wing Mau Corporation has made a new list of the Best Managed Chinese Companies 2020 published by the Harvard Business Review in July 2020.

The Best Managed Companies (BMC) is a global project of Deloitte which identifies and highlights companies with exceptionally innovative management concepts and the highest standards of business performance.

Joy Wing Mau achieved a standout result among numerous global companies with well-earned reputations for the highest standards of business management. Joy Wing Mau is the first Chinese fruit company to obtain this honour as one of China’s BMCs.

Social responsibility at the core

The outbreak of Covid-19 has presented companies with a challenge to transform their operations and survive in this new climate. The main element considered in this year’s BMC selection is the balance between the production of economic value and the creation of social value. More attention is paid to companies’ capacity for systemisation, balanced development and resilience.

Zhang Jian, president of Joy Wing Mau, said: “We always take social responsibility into consideration whenever we draft our business strategy, build our organisational capacity, or balance our promise to society with our financial achievements. At critical times, a company should even prioritise social responsibility.”

Joy Wing Mau focuses on social responsibility in three ways. At the most fundamental level, Joy Wing Mau values product safety, labour rights, value creation for customers, an environment in which workers are able to develop themselves, guaranteed maintenance of regular operations, and a reasonable profit for shareholders.

Within the industry, Joy Wing Mau works hard to disseminate the industry’s value and sense into wider society. The company continues to build the fruit industry's influence on Chinese society and promotes a sense of worth and respect among all industry employees.

Joy Wing Mau actively invests resources in the introduction, research and development of new fruit varieties and innovative plantation technologies. The company also encourages the Chinese fruit industry to maintain global connections. Finally, the company also advocates fairer, more transparent, low-cost trade, and encourages a commercial culture in the Chinese fruit industry.


Yunnan Honghe (Inernational) Blueberry Model Plantation: one of the projects where JWM has introduced new varieties and supported the expansion of plantations

As for the public good, Joy Wing Mau helps Chinese farmers to alleviate poverty. So far, the company has trained more than 250,000 farmers and helped more than 1.2m fruit farmers increase their earnings. In addition, this year Joy Wing Mau went to poverty-stricken areas and purchased more than 10,000 tonnes of speciality fruits from these regions. The total value of fruit purchased exceeded Rmb100m [US$14.48m].

The company supplied more than 120,000 tonnes of fruit to various parts of China during the initial outbreak of Covid-19. Joy Wing Mau supplied the highest quality fruit to medical workers and others on the frontline of the fight against the pandemic. In total, Joy Wing Mau has donated fruits worth Rmb5m [US$720,000]. At the same time, the company also supported fruit sales in the worst-hit areas.


Joy Wing Mau supports medical workers on the frontline, supplying top-quality fruit to doctors, nurses and other workers

Established in 1998, Joy Wing Mau Corporation is a leading company in China’s fruit business. Its services focus on four major segments of the industry: the introduction of fruit varieties and support for plantations; specialised supply chain services; omni-channel distribution; and research and development of products as well as branding and marketing.

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