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Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line) has announced that it is restructuring both its MAREX service, which link Asia with Hawaii and Central America, and its ALEX service linking Asia with Latin America.

The two routes are to be integrated into one service, the ALEX-NEO, including a circular express service linking the US west coast with Mexico and the west coast of Central America called MAREX-NEO (WCCA Express).

'We decided to make this service modification to adjust capacity in response to recent changes in the market,' the group said in a statement. 'However, the new service to/from Latin America will actually be enhanced to meet with the needs of customers by offering a direct call to Ningbo. Moreover, the new MAREX-NEO (WCCA Express) service will ensure stable transport for customers shipping to and from Central America.'

Port coverage will be ensured by a call at Honolulu on both eastbound and westbound voyages to and from Asia, the group said, while cargo imported to and exported from
countries in Central America will be transported via Manzanillo, Mexico, using the MAREX-NEO (WCCA Express) service.