Exports a key focus as industry looks to develop foothold in Vietnam

New Zealand’s persimmon season will get underway over the coming weeks, with growers expecting a solid crop.

“Fruit is looking great, we’ve got good size and good volume, probably an increase in supply from last year,” said Ian Turk, manager of the New Zealand Persimmon Industry Council.

Most of this year’s commercial crop will head offshore, with freight issues easing slightly since the start of the pandemic.

“While we still have challenges with labour and freight, our export markets are really looking forward to receiving their shipments of New Zealand persimmons,” explained Turk.

“Around 70 per cent of our crop, worth about NZ$10m, will head to Australia, US, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We’re also developing markets in Vietnam, which will increase demand for our fruit in the coming years.”