Shipping line Ocean Network Express (ONE) Has announced it will add 5,000 more refrigerated containers to its fleet including 200 with advanced controlled atmosphere (CA) technology.

This expansion follows ONE’s procurement of 6,000 reefers in 2019, all to meet what the company describes as growing global demand for refrigerated containers.

It said global refrigerated container volume grew by more than 7 per cent in 2019, augmented by the expansion of the middle class in Asia constantly demanding healthy food choices.

ONE expects this trend to carry its momentum through the remainder of 2020, especially in segments such as fresh fruits.

Jun Shibata, ONE’s senior vice president of strategic yield management, said ONE is applying the latest IoT technology into its fleet of reefer containers to allow real-time visibility of critical information.

“As one of the leading refrigerated container carriers in the world, ONE is continuously investing in new reefer containers to meet growing demand in perishable cargo segment around the world,” Shibata said.

“We are committed to providing our customers with reefer containers equipped with the most up to date specifications to ship perishable goods and enable them to expand to new markets around the world.”