Oppy Southern Hemisphere pears

Oppy has said that it is expecting a wide range of apples and pears from the Southern Hemisphere to arrive in the coming weeks.

The group will offer pears from Argentina followed by Asian pears from Chile, and then Taylor's Gold from New Zealand.

These pears will be joined by Ambrosia, Braeburn, Smitten, Royal Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Envy, Jazz and Pacific Rose apples through the spring.

Oppy said that it expected a 'seamless transition between domestic and import growing seasons'.

“Our key priority is transitioning at precisely the right moment,' said senior vice-president of categories and marketing James Milne.

'We’re honoured to be the fresh apple provider with year-round availability that our customers can depend on when they need it, and know they’re receiving the best the market has to offer. This season is setting up to be an absolute stunner with a magical-eating crop.”

Despite a range of industry-wide increased costs, labour shortages and logistical challenges, Oppy said it was looking toward a positive and fulfilling season.

It is working closely with Auckland, New Zealand-based grower partner T&G Global on shipping programmes that shield against supply chain issues by employing charter vessels, and strategically selecting east and west coast shipping points of entry.

“There are so many opportunities, in this year even more than others,” said sales representative Stephen Sanders, an apple lead in Oppy’s eastern US region. “We’re excited to further amplify Oppy’s already diverse category and help retailers drive sales with the best in flavour, crunch and eating experience through the months ahead.”