Rockit Apples

Rockit Global has expanded its reach in India by signing a new partnership with leading importer Suri Agro Fresh.

Rockit Global’s GM of Global Sales, Grant Walsh, says the fit with Suri Agro Fresh was ideal and would facilitate Rockit’s growth in a new market.

“We at Rockit Global are very pleased and proud to have entered into an agreement to partner with Suri Agro Fresh in India,” Walsh said. “The values and ambitions of both organisations are completely aligned to making Rockit a success in this market.”

This news follows the announcement that New Zealand cricket captain Kane Williamson will promote Rockit on his bat during the 2020 Indian Premier League season.

“India is a market that Rockit has not previously opened up so to have this happen in 2020 as part of our global road map is very exciting,” said Walsh.

“We believe that Rockit will carve out its own part of the produce category in India and bring the consumer a new and delicious experience. Suri Agro Fresh is the right partner to help us execute this.”