Massimo Ciccioni Smart Horticulture Asia

Massimo Ciccioni

Smart Horticulture Asia, which brings together leading players from the region's fresh produce supply chain to discuss technology and horticulture from around the world, takes place alongside Asia Fruit Logistica 2018 in Hong Kong on 5-7 September.

Much like the first two successful editions in 2016 and 2017, the programme delivers top-notch speakers from leading companies at the crossroads of global technology and horticulture.

Massimo 'Max' Ciccinoni, director IVA & survey at the Agri Chain Center in Auckland, New Zealand, will speak on Wednesday 5 September – a day dedicated to the subject of blockchain – with his session entitled 'Blockchain; solution or technology?' Here, he gives a small taster of what to expect...

Hi Massimo. Can you please offer a brief outline of your role?

Massimo Ciccioni: The AgriChain Centre is a New Zealand-based agri-business that provides services and consultancy along the entire fresh produce supply chain. Our core competencies revolve around quality assurance, food safety, export certifications, biosecurity and project management. I am one of the three business directors, with the Quality Assurance and Export Certifications divisions of the business falling under my direction.

You are speaking in a session on ‘Blockchain; solution or technology’ at Smart Horticulture Asia. Without giving too much away, what kind of things will you be discussing during your talk?

MC: We hear a lot about blockchain as the new 'Digital Revolution' that can be applied to numerous business sectors, but is this a myth or a reality? And what does it mean from a horticulture traceability point of view?

Through my presentation I will attempt to give some answers to these questions and also talk about the changes and adaptation required for achieving better traceability through the use of blockchain technology.

What do you hope delegates take away from your session?

MC: Delegates will understand that blockchain is only a vehicle and it needs good drivers with the right mindset and a clear direction to make it work effectively and efficiently.

What else are you looking forward to seeing during smart Horticulture Asia or Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong?

MC: In addition to networking with people from around the globe and sharing ideas, I would like to see the latest technologies available in relation to fresh produce quality management and assessments. I look forward to attending Asia Fruit Logistica for the first time.