The California-based genetics and licensing company has granted marketing rights to two Australian grape producers as it looks to boost supply of its leading varieties

Sun World International has announced that it is adding GrapeCo Australia and RJN Cua Vineyards as licensed grower-marketers of its well known grape varieties in Australia.

According to Sun World, this expansion reflects the current market demand for its proprietary grape varieties, as well as its globally recognised varietal brands. Australia is regarded by the company as a strategically significant production region given its proximity to Asia and strong domestic market.

“This exciting expansion in Australia enables us to increase the supply of our leading grape varieties,” said Garth Swinburn, Sun World’s vice president licensing. “Quality companies such as GrapeCo and RJN further complement our existing licensees both in Australia and further abroad servicing the Asian region.”

Sun World’s existing table grape marketers in Australia include Costa, Fruit Master, Fruitico and Fresh Produce Group of Australia.

The new marketers have been granted rights to distribute fruit from existing and new varieties developed by Sun World, marketed under the company’s popular varietal brands, such as Autumn Crisp, Midnight Beauty, Sable Seedless, Adora Seedless, Scarlotta Seedless and Sonera Seedless.

Sun World Autumncrips

Sun World’s Autumn Crisp

GrapeCo Australia has 750ha of grape and citrus production, while its ‘Hellooo’ brand has become widely recognised through strong vertical integration.

“We are excited about the opportunities the Sun World agreement presents, and we look forward to a collaborative working relationship with the team,” said Adrian Caia, GrapeCo’s managing director. “This new alliance with Sun World provides us access to a wonderful variety portfolio that complements our current offerings and extends our window of supply. Sun World’s varieties have all the characteristics that a consumer wants and are now demanding.”

RJN, located in North West Victoria, has a production base of 600ha. The company’s Reg Cua commented: “This partnership with Sun World provides the foundation to grow our business, producing and supplying high-quality table grapes to the world. We are very excited about our future with Sun World.”