Crates of Jazz apples ready for shipping

While coronavirus (Covid-19) is creating uncertainty in terms of global trading, T&G Global continues to export new-season New Zealand-grown apples to customers in most of its 45 international markets.

“Over the past week, the first shipments of Jazz apples have headed to ports in Hong Kong and Malaysia, with further shipments to China, Thailand, Belgium, UK and the Middle East on track to leave over the next few days,” said Craig Betty, director of operations for T&G Global.

“Across Asia we've seen some softening in demand, however orders across most markets remain steady and we’re currently shipping to plan.”

Deemed an essential service provider, Betty said T&G Global has a crucial role to play in keeping fresh fruit and vegetables moving through the supply chain to consumers in New Zealand and around the world.

“We’re continually monitoring the situation and have alternative sales plans across a range of regions, markets and channels so we can move quickly to mitigate any changes or effects from Covid-19,” Betty explained.

“Safety is always our top priority, and we’ve implemented additional Covid-19 safe work practices across our entire business to help keep our people and communities safe,” he added.

T&G Global began its New Zealand harvest with Royal Gala in late February. The company expects to pack around 6.5m cartonsof apples over the course of the 2020 New Zealand season.

“This year the crop is looking superb, with a fantastic flavour,” Betty said. “Across the world, consumers look for different attributes in their apples – American and Asian consumers love them big and bright red, and which don’t brown when cut. Kiwi [New Zealand] consumers tend to go for applesrich in flavour and colour and are fans of our snack-sized Jazz apples for convenience.

“Our growers across the Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne, Nelson and Otago are experts at knowing when the time is right to pick each variety of apple to meet consumers’ needs.”