TOMRA Insight

Tomra Insight, the data platform designed to enhance sorting and grading efficiencies, has officially been made available to the food industry, following a successful launch in recycling last year.

The platform works by turning sorting and grading machines into connected devices that generate valuable process data. This data is stored securely in the cloud, converted into actionable information, and accessible from anywhere via a web portal for desktop and mobile devices.

Vice president and head of digital at Tomra Sorting, Felix Flemming, said the platform can change the way companies sort their products.

“By capturing and using valuable data, Tomra Insight is transforming sorting from an operational process into a strategic management tool,” said Flemming.

“This tool is constantly becoming more powerful as we continuously develop it in response to customers’ needs and priorities. New functionalities and features are released every three weeks – a routine during which Tomra works closely with customers in pursuit of shared objectives.”

Tomra’s engineers analyse critical data every month as part of the Tomra Insight subscription service. Tomra Insight allows for accurate and timely comparison between multiple sites, shifts, batches, and seasons.

Jeffry Steemans, product manager digital at TOMRA Food, said pilot installations have provided insight into the benefits of the platform.

“Food processors participating in pilot installations tell us that Tomra Insight will pay back month after month,” said Steemans.

“They see improvements in product quality, higher throughputs, lower waste, and greater yields. Customers also report that machine operators embrace the transparency of having information available to make better decisions.”

One food processor which conducted an early trial of TOMRA Insight and has now committed to the subscription service is The Jersey Royal Company. Located in the British Crown Dependency of Jersey, this company is the producer of the internationally recognised Jersey Royal new potato in the Channel Islands.

The business grows, washes, grades, packs, and supplies approximately 20,000 tonnes of potatoes every year. Four of the company’s sorting machines – one Halo and three Tomra 5A’s – have been connected to Tomra Insight for more than six months, providing real-time evidence of the data platform’s effectiveness.

Andrzej Kopacz, operations manager at The Jersey Royal Company, likened Tomra sorting equipment to a ‘Rolls-Royce’ in vehicles.

“Tomra Insight is a strong addition to these machines. The information we are receiving from Insight is allowing us to manage product-quality more precisely to meet customer expectations, improve product control and allocation, see where we need to help sorters meet targets, reduce waste, and make better use of the equipment with less downtime,” said Kopacz.

“We are now also able to give better feedback to our growers. For example, we can flag-up very quickly if there are too many unwanted green potatoes coming through for processing,” he added.

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