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China’s changing distribution landscape
Fresh fruit distribution is evolving rapidly in China. Port decentralisation is a key priority to cut congestion and boost efficiency. New routes to market are developing as demand grows from second- and third-tier cities. Industry experts discuss new cold chain investments and the changing distribution landscape. What are the learnings for other markets in Asia? 

• Justin Chan, VX Cold Chain (China)
Rahul Bagde, Zespri International (China)
Ivan Marambio, Frutas de Chile (Chile)

New sourcing opportunities: Egypt and Morocco
Egypt and Morocco are fast-growing fresh produce suppliers with much to offer markets in Asia. Egypt has already made inroads into the region, but price is not its only advantage - it has unique and premium products to offer. Morocco is also leveraging its quality reputation and capacity to supply products year-round to boost its presence in Asia. In this session, expert speakers take a deep dive into Egypt and Morocco’s diverse fresh produce offerings, spotlighting new sourcing opportunities for buyers in Asia.

• Andriy Yarmak, Food and Agriculture Organization Investment Centre (Italy)
El Mehdi El Alami, Morocco Foodex (Morocco)
Hajer Magdy, Food and Agriculture Organization (Egypt)
Hesham El-Neggar, Daltex (Egypt)
El Honsali Idriss, Morocco Foodex (Morocco)

Future of the intra-Asia trade in focus
Asia’s tropical fruit trade continues to boom, fuelled by China and North Asia’s ever-increasing appetite for key products such as durian, dragon fruit and longan. Meanwhile, China is expanding its already dominant role as a supplier to South-East Asia, driven by better quality and varietal diversification. What will the future of the intra-Asia trade look like? Where are the big growth opportunities? And what are the implications for global suppliers? 

• Wayne Prowse, Fresh Intelligence (Australia)


Building the fresh produce supply chain of the future
A look at how greater collaboration between logistics service providers and shipping lines can benefit everyone in the supply chain – resulting in less waste, more secure monitoring, better margins for growers, and higher returns for all stakeholders.

• Steve Alaerts, Foodcareplus (Belgium)

Chinese-language session: Logistics & Trade

Packaging extends reach
Post-harvest technology that can preserve and extend the shelf-life of products is opening up new commercial opportunities for the fresh produce business. This session looks at some of the latest advances.

• Ivo Tunchel, StePac (Brazil) 

Ports offer new routes to market
New port investments are set to facilitate the fresh produce trade into Asia. This session spotlights some exciting recent initiatives. 

Technology lends a helping hand
How are advances in technology for cold chain logistics helping to maximise shelf-life and improve operational efficiencies? Case studies look at a range of innovative solutions, from real-time monitoring to modified atmosphere technologies. 

• Karl McDermott, DeltaTrak (US)


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