In a statement the company said it has reorganised its operations and will continue to provide a full service to customers

Citrosol is assessing the extent of the damage caused by a fire that struck the post-harvest specialist’s manufacturing plant in Potries, south of Valencia on Thursday.  


Firefighters managed to bring the blaze under control on Friday and there are no reported human casualties. The company said investigations as to the cause of the blaze are ongoing.

El Levante reported that people in neighbouring properties were advised to remain inside and two properties next to the site of the fire were evacuated as a precaution.

On Sunday Citrosol posted a statement thanking the fire brigade and the local community: “After 72 hours of reflection, we want to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to the people of Potries, who went out of their way to support us in this very complicated situation,” it said.

“We know that they were very difficult times for everyone and we deeply regret that they had to go through a few hours of enormous tension, in which the residents of the closest properties had to be evicted from their homes, for precautionary reasons.

“The solidarity we have felt from them has been truly moving, every kind gesture, every word of encouragement and every show of support has given us strength and hope in the midst of adversity. It is in times like these that we deeply value the connection we share as residents of Potries.”

The company said it has implemented all the necessary measures to reorganise its production process, which will be split between the undamaged part of its Potries plant and its facility in Beniparrell, so that customers can continue to be serviced.