New cherry line image ackio

The new packing line

Berry, cherry, and tomato packer Ackio has completed installation of what it claims is the most 'advanced' cherry packing line in Europe.

The new cherry grader allows cherries to be selected by any number and combination of criteria, with Ackio claiming that this gives customers greater choice and precision in their final product requirements.

The new technology uses the white light spectrum and cameras which take 50 frames per second of each cherry. This means that Ackio is able to detect more of the defects, especially in darker fruits. Being highly automated, the new cherry line also produces a higher yield at lower cost compared to now outdated methods of manual quality control.

The new cherry grader is part of Ackio’s continual programme of investment in new technologies.

Rachel Carson, customer services manager at Ackio, said: 'Ackio invests heavily in the latest technologies and our new cherry grader is the most sophisticated in Europe. By automatically selecting the quality of cherries by any number of criteria, it allows the customer more choice in what they require and, ultimately, delivers a better quality product for the consumer.”