Extra Special Cornish Potatoes

Asda has teamed up with Ultimate Packaging and QV Foods in a bid to extend the shelf-life of its potatoes.

Since using Viridiflex technology, developed by Ultimate Packaging, on its Extra Special Cornish Potatoes line this summer, the retailer said the new packaging has significantly extended the product's shelf life.

Viridiflexworks by modifying the in-pack atmosphere anddrawing moisture away from fresh produce in order to prevent decay.

John Wynn, Asda's technical manger for fresh produce, said customer complaints on the product have fallen considerably in the five weeks since it started using the Viridiflex packaging.

He explained: 'I am delighted with the performance of Viridiflexfilm and the Extra Special Cornish Crystal potato pack.

'Asda customers have benefited from a significant increase in product life and end of life product quality, highlighted by a 92 per cent year-on-year reduction in complaints in the first five weeks of the Extra Special Cornish Crystal Potato season.”