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Banana supplier Compagnie Fruitière UK has announced that it has taken occupation of a 69,718ft2 ripening facility on practical completion of the building at DP World London Gateway.

The new ripening centre will replace Compagnie Fruitière’s existing operation in Dartford and will help to reinforce the company’s approach to a vertically integrated supply chain. It is expected to be fully operational by 2021.

'DP World’s high-quality construction, smart logistics solutions and industry-leading technology means that the new ripening facility will deliver the most efficient banana supply chain, optimising the ripening process and using technology to help future-proof the business,' the group stated.

The facility, located on plot LG70, sits at the heart of London Gateway’s Logistics Park and offers multimodal integration with the UK supply chain.

Built adjacent to London Gateway’s deep-sea container port, with an international rail terminal on site, Compagnie Fruitière said that it had become part of a connected supply chain that is 'faster, more efficient and sustainable'.

The warehouse has received both a BREEAM Outstanding rating and an EPC rating of ‘A’, Compagnie Fruitière pointed out.

“Compagnie Fruitière are very pleased to take delivery of its new ripening facility from our partner DP World and we look forward to this exciting project becoming operational in early 2021,' said Keith Sadler, managing director Compagnie Fruitière UK. “The port centric location, combined with the use of technology to deliver efficiency and to enhance freshness, will further strengthen our supply chain and Compagnie Fruitière’s reputation for excellent quality and service with its customers.”

Oliver Treneman, park development director of DP World London Gateway, said that he was delighted to have delivered a bespoke best-in-class banana ripening facility for Compagnie Fruitière.

'The new facility further consolidates London Gateway’s position in the UK as the premier destination for imported temperature controlled and frozen produce,' Treneman outlined.

“It further demonstrates the supply chain efficiencies to be derived from locating a warehouse operation in a logistics park adjacent to the most technologically advanced port in the UK – a semi-automated port possessing the capacity to handle refrigerated cargo traffic on an unmatched scale,' he continued. 'Needless to say, attracting another shipping line customer as warehouse operator at the Park is a significant additional win for London Gateway.

'Compagnie Fruitière’s decision to locate in the park is an important endorsement for us and will provide them with the opportunity to drive further supply chain efficiencies for the benefit of their customers,' Treneman added. 'Proximity to the largest market in the UK by population, London and the South-East not only reduces stem mileage and emissions, but also results in helping to mitigate cost pressure. We believe it to be altogether a more sustainable business strategy over the long term.”

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