Tesco Cypriot New Potatoes

Tesco sells Cypriot new potatoes loose and prepacked

Cypriot new potatoes are back on shelves at Tesco, with the retailer responding to consumer demand for seasonal new potatoes during the winter months.

The potatoes’ arrival in store means shoppers will not have to wait until spring to buy new potatoes when more familiar varieties such as Jersey Royals and Pembrokeshire Earlies come into season.

Supplied by Greenvale, the potatoes are sold loose or prepacked in 750g bags. They are grown for Tesco on small family farms, where they are harvested by hand from the mineral-rich, red alluvial soil that gives them their distinctive taste and appearance in store.

Tracey Mattock, marketing manager at Greenvale, said: “Cypriot new potatoes are delicious and extremely versatile, with a firm texture and creamy flavour, and are ideal for boiling or roasting.”

The potatoes will be available at Tesco until the end of February when their season culminates.