Egyptian cut flowers are produced in the fertile soils of the Nile Delta where they also benefit from a warm climate. This ample water supply, clement weather, year -round sunshine, low-cost labour, a well-developed infrastructure and low freight rates to Europe are major factors in ensuring Egypt retains an edge over competitor countries.

Produce is grown either under covered sturctures or in open fields. And the country's cut flower sector is moving forward by regularly participating in international flower trade shows to learn from the experiences of others.

The most popular Egyptian flowers include Gerbera, Solidago, Limonium, Gladlofus, Gypsophita, Anethufin, Hibiscus, Statice, Moluccella and Ammi. At certain times, Egypt finds itself the sole supplier of a number of varieties to the Dutch auctions, where certain types have been rated as A1 auction flowers.

Exporters are aiming to increase volumes and ensure a steady supply of quality product.