The Top Ten shopping list was compiled by the Food Commission, an independent organisation campaigning for healthier eating and open information, to help shoppers pick out healthy food options. A commission spokesperson said: "Supermarkets stock 25,000 different items, which is daunting and confuses consumers."

Some of the messages on the commission's posters will include - think twice before buying fruit bars as many contain 60 per cent sugar, and instead encourage parents to buy fresh fruit. Other examples are fruit drinks, which although may taste fruity, may be flavoured and coloured instead of using real fresh fruit, and fruity yoghurts may not contain any fruit at all. Deputy director general of the Food and Drink Federation, Martin Paterson, said in relation to the guide: "Our industry is heavily regulated to ensure the food is wholesome, safe and honestly marked. Suggesting a particular food is bad for you is misleading and simplistic."